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Atlanta GA

2019 Recap...

About The Trailblazer Conference:

Our launch conference in 2019 was 3 days with over 20 speakers, over 50 attendees & covered the core areas of Personal Development, Leadership Development, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, and Spiritual Enlightenment. This now diverse biennial 1-day conference will commission attendees in Life & Business. We end the day with an elegant evening where we will honor female entrepreneurs making strides in their communities, industry & the lives of others at The Trailblazing Woman Awards.

2021 Trailblazer Conference:

During this conference, we will be specifically covering the areas of Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, and Spiritual Enlightenment. Our Theme for our 2021 Conference is Alignment is the Breeding Ground for Success

Through our Dynamic Speakers, we will explore how each area shows up in our lives and business and how we can advance in each area by receiving proven strategies and tools. Each Speaker an expert in their field sharing what's real- no fluff! We know all too well the stumbling blocks one experiences during the journey of business ownership. We understand how lonely the path of an entrepreneur can be at times. We also know how frustrating and overwhelming it can when going at it alone thus making it harder to get to your "next".

We welcome you Trailblazing Woman. Join us to be refreshed, grow, and connect. We can't wait to meet you, Trailblazer! 

What You Get...

The Trailblazing Woman Awards Show:

Banquet Style-Gala Attire (A night of royal treatment and to be honored for contributions in your sphere of influence, communities & the lives of others-Nominate a deserving woman today)  

1 Power-Packed Day of Networking, Learning, & Catapulting Exercises

1- Day of Proven Strategies, Resources, and Tools for Life and Business from our Dynamic Speakers  

An Unforgettable Experience!  


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What You Will Learn...

Proven Resources, Strategies, and Tools in:

Blazing Your Trail, Trailblazer

Relationships are Currency!

How to sustain your business through Government Contracts

Business Owners are Leaders  

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Empowering. Relatable. Expertise.  

Renata Eileena

Possible Cosmetics

Robyn Robbins

Robyn Robbins Enterprises

Amber J.

I Do 2 I Don't

Relationship Coach

Chaun LaTress

787 The Agency 

What Others are Saying....

TRAILBLAZER /ˈtrālˌblāzər/ noun

a person who makes a path for others to follow through in unsettled country or wilderness ; pathfinder. A pioneer in any field of endevor Synonyms: groundbreaker, spearhead, trendsetter, founder, leader, creator, developer, pioneer, and innovator.

The Trailblazing Woman


No Fluff!

WE promise authenticity, inspiration, empowerment and transparency! In a day where many are walking away from conferences with information they could of googled, the Trailblazer Conference holds firm to our NO FLUFF policy. Come ready to glean from the experience, wisdom and expertise of our speakers as they share how transformational information for life and business.

Why Holistic?

We understand that without a solid foundation and the proper mindset our lives and businesses can only go but so far. To truly have the life and business we desire we must be willing to do the work and ensure alignment in each area. Let's Soar Higher together!

Grow & Connect!

It can be a lonely path when you are a trailblazer. This is why this conference has been desiged to foster growth and connections. Network and build a sisterhood with those who know what it's like to walk down the path of a trailblazer too. Leave with the support of your Trailblazing Sisters!


Meet Our Trailblazing Visionaries

Knowing from personal experience the weight and challenges true trailblazers experience, Renata & Robyn joined forces to provide a no-fluff safe space for women to learn, grow, and connect. They believe it is important as trailblazers to be poured back into in every area of life so we can be empowered holistically to live abundantly and excel in business. 

Renata Eileena (pictured on the left) is an Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur who founded "Possible Cosmetics". Her products are featured in walmart and target. For more on this trailblazing visionary Click Here.

 Robyn Robbins (pictured on the right) is a Bestselling Author, Certified Coach , Consultant, International Speaker & Trainer. She is the CEO of Robyn Robbins Enterprises LLC which is the home of ZCI Academy, The Trailblazing Woman Network, & RRE Birthing Center where she empowers purpose-driven women to give birth to their message & build 5 figure brands . For more on this trailblazing visionary Click Here.

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$125 General Trailblazer Admission:

Full Access to The Trailblazing Woman Award Ceremony & Conference, Conference Materials, Conference sessions, Refreshments/Lunch & Dinner. Make your deposit today!

$225 V.I. P. Trailblazer Admission:

Full Access to The Trailblazing Woman Award Ceremony, Conference Materials, Conference sessions, Refreshments/Lunch & Dinner, Enjoy Preferred seating & a bonus 3 hour Give Birth intensive with the Founder. Make Your deposit today!

*Payment arrangements available

 General Trailblazer Ticket  Deposit $63
The Trailblazing Woman Award Ceremony Only $65

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